Here Is How To Create Your Own Luxury Bathroom

Published on 12/11/2022

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in an apartment, and yet it is often anything but attractive to look at. Especially in rented apartments, the bathroom often resembles a standardized wet room – and this underestimated room also offers enormous potential. The landlord does not always allow a renovation, and often the necessary change is missing. But even without an expensive conversion, you can change a lot with accessories and new bathroom furniture. In the following, we will therefore show you 4 tips and tricks on how to furnish your bathroom in a beautiful and modern way and turn it into your very own wellness oasis.

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Here Is How To Create A Luxury Bathroom

Tip For The Bathroom: Make Optimal Use Of Small Areas

Bathrooms are often quite small, especially in rented apartments. The shower cubicle, toilet and washbasin are carelessly crowded together in just a few square meters. But here, too, you can get the best out of the area with a few tricks when planning. Storage space is in demand and modular bathroom furniture that nestles close to the wall but is a bit wider. A continuous washbasin would be a good way to use the free centimeters between two washbasins. In order to make small rooms appear larger, large mirrors or mirror cabinets are recommended for the bathroom furnishings. Large format tiles also distract from the limited space. If you don’t live in a rented apartment, but still only have a small amount of space, you should think about a seamless bathroom – this makes the area appear larger.

Harmonious Color Concept

So that your senses can rest in the bathroom, the color of the bathroom design should be harmoniously coordinated and there should be no colorful confusion. You can optimize your bathroom with colors such as beige, mud and mocha, as these create a particularly relaxed atmosphere. Shades of green and blue are reminiscent of meadows, forests and the sea, while yellow is like sunbathing for the soul. The change does not have to be an expensive bathroom renovation. Simply swap out individual elements such as carpets, bath mats, towels and decorative elements and use them to set colorful accents in the bathroom. On the other hand, you should avoid daring experiments such as combining complementary colors. It doesn’t have a relaxing effect on the mind at all. Black toilets and black bathrooms are currently in vogue – an extravagant statement that may not be for everyone.

Use Natural Materials When Furnishing Your Bathroom

Anyone who furnishes the bathroom with natural materials such as wood, stone, wicker and linen is already upgrading it. Because these accents provide a perfect contrast to cold tiles and sober ceramics. Wooden bathroom furniture, a woven laundry basket made of raffia, natural sponges, a wooden ladder as a hanging element for towels or a stone soap dispenser make the bathroom immediately more comfortable. Our tip: A wooden bath bridge looks great and ensures that soap, your favorite book, red wine glass and skin care mask are always to hand when you take a relaxing bath.

Plants For The Bathroom

Decorate your bathroom with plants! Green and colorful indoor plants ensure a natural look and a good room climate – even in the bathroom. In order for them to stay alive for a long time despite the high humidity, it is best to rely on tropical plants. They are used to the warm, humid bathroom climate. Ideal for the bathroom: lucky feather, single leaf, orchid – especially the Cattleya – and maidenhair fern. Holiday mood and relaxation quickly come up. If plant care is too tedious for you, you can of course also use artificial flowers. But then make sure that they don’t look too artificial.