Apps Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Download

Published on 06/22/2021
Apps Every Real Estate Agent Needs To Download

Apps Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Download

Investing in real estate takes up a lot of time and effort. You need to be incredibly organized and stay on top of things in order to maximize your earnings and broaden your business. While professionals typically know how to take care of business, there is always a way to improve. Especially in the digital age, there are new and improved ways to invest in real estate and keep track of everything you need to. It only makes sense that there are plenty of apps out there to help investors expand their business, so let’s talk about some of the best apps all real estate investors need to download.


Not many people have or need a fax nowadays. All the same, there are still some municipalities and offices that require you to fax over documents rather than email them. Instead of having to invest in a fax machine you may use once or twice, download this app. This app allows you to pay per fax rather than paying for the app itself. You can also buy an incoming fax number if you need to get a fax as well.


It’s likely that you’re a busy person – who isn’t? This app is made for those who are constantly on the go. It allows you to search for properties wherever you may be. There are many ways to look for good deals, but this easy-to-use app will save you some time by finding listings in your area while you’re heading somewhere. In addition, it helps you find the current market price in the area you want to buy so you have the right comparison.


Instead of printing out documents, signing them, and scanning them back to your computer, download this app to cut down on work. On the app, you’ll be able to electronically sign any document without the entire hassle. The free plan allows you to sign 5 documents a month, while there are upgrade plans that are available for purchase.


While this app is a basic one, it’s important. It’s a great tool for sharing confidential files, images, and documents. The free plan goes up to 2GB of storage while additional data is available for purchase. Of course, it’s available on all devices, so you won’t have to worry about not having documents with you.


BiggerPockets is one of the best real estate investing sites out there. It’s an honest and reliable place for anyone who wants to learn about real estate investing by speaking to others with experience. With features like keyword notifications, you’ll be able to learn about specific topics that are relevant to you and your business without a problem.


If you don’t budget or track your expenses, it’s time for you to start – and use Mint to do it. It’s a free app that helps you manage your personal finances and save up for potential future properties. After all, you need to manage your money wisely in order to be able to invest it in properties. The app also helps you maintain a healthy credit score which will make it easier for lenders to approve your mortgage application. Finally, it gives you a clear picture of your net worth. You can add your investment properties as well to get the full picture.