The Dos And Don’ts Of Home Design

Published on 09/15/2019
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The Dos And Don’ts Of Home Design

Home decorating is a time where everyone thinks they can call themselves an interior designer. Whether you’re a lawyer, a sales associate, or even work at the local supermarket, redecorating is a chance to channel our inner design and assume a new profession. However, not everyone has an impeccable eye for design. But if you follow these simple tips you’ll avoid a complete decorating disaster.

Don’t Push Things Off

Moving into a new home is a chaotic time. Unpacking boxes can be boring, exhausting, and time-consuming. More often than not, we begin a project and stop in the middle. How many times have you told yourself, “I’ll organize that shelf later” or “I’ll buy a bedside table soon.” In reality, these are the projects we never actually get around to. Push yourself to finish the project from the beginning! This way you’ll have your shelves hanging on your wall instead of stacked on the kitchen table.

Do Paint With Bright Colors

Your room should be a place of self-expression, so why not make it reflect you? Tired of looking at the same boring beige wall over and over again? Go ahead and spice things up by adding a yellow wall to your room! Warm colors are even known to stimulate emotions and enhance positivity. This way you can boost your mood while adding style to your bedroom.

Don’t Paint Before Adding Furniture

Paints come in all shades and colors and the options are endless. But leave this decision to the end, because you can always match a wall to your couch or dining room table.

Do Invest In Lighting

We know the functional role of lighting in a house or apartment but it has other equally important roles. Overhead or wall lighting can change the entire mood of the room. It can enhance already painted walls, and even make a room feel smaller or larger than it is. But make sure you create a lighting plan that considers all of the three interior lightings- Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting, and Accent Lighting.