5 Things That Every Kids Room Should Have

Published on 11/07/2022

A small bed and wardrobe are the basic equipment in each child’s room. But what else does your children’s room need to be really complete? And we don’t mean the oodles of toys that inevitably accumulate over time. From children’s room furniture and practical helpers to decoration tips: we’ll tell you the most important things that should not be missing in the children’s room.

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5 Things That Every Kids Room Should Have

A Reading Corner With Bookshelf

Even in times of tablets and Kindles, a decent collection of colorful children’s books is absolutely essential. Because nothing is more fun than discovering the worlds between the book covers together. So that your child can browse through their picture books without you, they should be stored at an accessible height – for very small children, it is best to have them clearly visible with the cover to the front, as this makes it much easier to find and select the right book. Especially if your toddler still sleeps in a cot, a cozy reading corner right next to the bookshelf is a must. Whether with mattresses, piles of pillows or as a reading cave in the tepee – even little people like to make themselves really comfortable when reading books.

Own Desk

You are never too small to have your own desk, because even the youngest knead and paint with great enthusiasm. This is best done at a correspondingly small table, because your child can reach their painting and handicraft utensils all by themselves – and with a little practice, they can put them away again on their own afterward. Set up your child’s small workspace clearly and practically so that everything is stored within easy reach and nothing gets in the way. Brush strokes and other traces of creative afternoons disappear without a trace on a durable and wipeable desktop.

A Seat For Adults

Maybe you sit naturally and like to sit on the floor in the children’s room – but what about the grandparents? A comfortable armchair or at least an upholstered chair is inviting and makes it easier for the older generation to get together in the children’s room.

Toy Baskets And Storage Options

It is unbelievable how quickly building blocks, trains and cuddly toys are growing. In order to be able to keep order in the children’s room, every toy needs a fixed place. Small souvenirs from friends and relatives or surprises from children’s birthday parties also need to be kept somewhere, otherwise, chaos is to be expected. Stable toy baskets are suitable for larger system toys such as trains or doll accessories.


Pictures, bright colors, or wild patterns – the children’s room is the right place for this because after all, your children should feel really comfortable here.