How To Create A Lovely London Inspired Room

Published on 10/05/2020

London is known as one of the greatest capitals in the world. It is rich in culture, full of attractions, and often leaves people so inspired. Whether it’s by its amazing architecture, history, or simply by its diversity and timelessness personality. For the millions of tourists who flock to London every year, oftentimes it’s so difficult to leave which in turn pushes them to keep coming back. If you’re one of these people, have you ever considered bringing a touch of Great Britain or London into your home? If so, the options are endless, which is why it has never been easier to incorporate some London inspired decor into your home. For those of us who can’t live in London, here are some great ideas to help you decorate.

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How To Create A Lovely London Inspired Room


Wallpaper is a great option, epically if this theme or room design is not going to be permanent. Regardless, there is a variety of designs and ideas to choose from, depending on your preference. You could either opt for the map of the underground tube, some of the famous sites, or simply go for the iconic red, double-decker bus.

Choose Grey, Black & Blue Hues

London is one of the few cities that still look gorgeous when it rains, and we all know how much it can rain in London. This is why we suggest using colors centered around grey, black, and blue- it can be made as lively as you want. Don’t hesitate to use these colors in your decor, it really will add the exact touches the room needs.

Use Clocks

When most people picture London in their minds, a lot of the time the first thing that pops up is the famous Big Ben. Which is safe to safe to say that clocks are a major, iconic symbol of the beautiful city. Again, the decor options are endless when it comes to clocks. You can choose something classy or simple – obviously depending on the look you are going for. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this idea!

Try Highlight Brick Designs

Throughout Britain, bricks are an extremely common design, especially in bigger cities like London. For those wanting a real ‘London feel’ room, try incorporating bricks into the room you are decorating. And of course, you can make it look as elegant as you wish. If it’s not entirely possible to have a gorgeous wall of actual bricks, then you can always opt for the wallpaper.


For the individuals who don’t exactly want to take huge risks or go all out with a full-on London themed room- this is a wonderful idea for you…accessorize! There are seriously loads of options and you can go totally wild. Whether its a Union Jack rug for next to the bed, different pillows for the bed or couch, or even a few cute royal guard toys. And if that’s too much, why not get some small London inspired pictures framed for the wall?