The Must-Have Smart Gadgets For Your Home

Published on 03/01/2020

Keeping your home with the times but still homey is a must. It’s fun to have new and innovative gadgets un your home and to keep up with the tech of the times. These new devices are being invented to improve your own quality of living, whether it be by saving you time, stress or providing efficiency. Here are the top gadgets you just have to have in your home right now.

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The Must-Have Smart Gadgets For Your Home

Curved TV Screen

The Samsung KS8500 4K TV has an unbelievably high-quality picture as well as enables viewing from any angle in the room. The shape also decreases glare effects from windows and lights that may be interfering.  The TV costs $1,042 and can be bought on Amazon. The style is chic and innovative- looking very stylish in your home.

Nest Hello Doorbell

Time to stop stressing about who could possibly be at the door. This smart doorbell brought to you by Nest has a built-in HD video camera that connects to your phone so you can check who’s there. With additional features of a microphone and speaker, you can easily communicate with whoever is at the door even when you’re not home. This doorbell is of impeccable quality and allows you to hear and speak no matter where you may be or how much noise interference is around.

Amazon Echo

This gadget brought to you by Amazon is a hands-free speaker that is controlled by your voice. Simply ask the speaker to play music, make calls, send and receive texts or even tell you a joke. Let’s not forget the speaker can break down the weather forecast for the day too.  This appliance is bang for your buck with so many features and its smart technology. Costing $85.

Light Dimmer

This Lutron kit allows you to control the lights from any place in your home and comes with an in-wall dimmer and a remote. The product costs $60 and intertwines with Amazon Echo if you have one as you can use the speaker to control the lights. The multi-function and diverse gadget really helps set the mood at any time.