Pet Proof Your Home With These Excellent Tips

Published on 10/26/2020
Pet Proof Your Home With These Excellent Tips

Pet Proof Your Home With These Excellent Tips

Keeping a home in order is no small task. Whether you have pets or not, it can be a challenge at times. Of course, this is even truer for all those who do have pets. Both cats and dogs can really wreak havoc on a space if it isn’t properly adjusted to their needs and habits. That isn’t to say that you’re going to have to completely change your entire home and have nothing out in the open. There are certain ways you can prepare your home for a new pet or adjust it for the one you already have. It’s only natural that we all want to feel comfortable and safe in our own homes, and the same is true for our pets. Despite the fact that pet parents always have to stay vigilant when it comes to keeping their pets safe at home, there are ways to pet-proof the house to make things easier for everyone involved.

Keep Poisonous Plants Out Of Reach

Oftentimes, pets tend to get curious about plants that you may have in the house or in the garden. As you probably know, some plants are dangerous for cats or dogs. Before you plant anything or purchase an indoor plant, do a little digging and figure out which plants need to be kept away from your pets. Indoor plants should be on high shelves, and outdoor plants that are dangerous should have fences around them. Make sure hanging plants aren’t too low – especially for cat owners.

Safely Store Medications

Even the most common medications and pain relievers can be toxic to pets. Small doses can cause problems, and high doses can be fatal. Nightstands aren’t safe for placing medications, even if the bottles are tightly sealed since dogs can chew through plastic containers. The safest place to store any sort of medication is inside secure cabinets or drawers – preferably high up and out of reach.

Store Food On High Shelves

There are some pets such as dogs that are very food driven and can sniff out a treat from a mile away. In order to keep your pets from eating anything they shouldn’t be, store foods on high shelves in the kitchen, if not behind closed doors. There are specific foods like chocolate, grapes, and raisins, that are actually toxic for dogs. Not to mention, the packaging on food can cause serious problems too.

Cover Wires and Cords

We all have some items around the house that need electrical cords. All these cords can be tempting for cats who love pulling and playing. Pups can see them as a chew toy. Keep your pets safe by using wire covers to cover up any loose cords that are near the ground or within easy reach.

Cleaning Chemicals Shouldn’t Be Within Reach

In general, cleaning products shouldn’t be ingested by anyone, humans and animals alike. Seeing as dogs can chew through plastic bottles and such, it’s vital to make sure all your cleaning supplies are not within reach of your pets. Again, make sure to store your cleaning supplies in a closed cabinet or on high shelves they can never reach.

Close The Windows

Make sure to keep your windows closed – especially on upper floors, in order to prevent your pets from falling out. Screens are a good thing to invest in, but even so, don’t keep windows open when you aren’t in the room to keep an eye on your pet.