Create A Heavenly Summer Oasis Right In Your Own Home

Published on 04/21/2021
Create A Heavenly Summer Oasis Right In Your Own Home

Create A Heavenly Summer Oasis Right In Your Own Home

Summer is nearly here and with it the joy of summer home decor! There’s just something so enjoyable about transforming your home and making it the perfect little getaway for you and your family. Whether you’re planning on completely redecorating a room or just switching up accessories, changing your environment changes your mindset too. So how can you make your house feel like the ultimate summer oasis, you ask? Keep reading to find out.

Prepare Your Outdoor Space

Once the warmer weather arrives, it’s nice to be able to spend time outside comfortably. If you have a yard, invest in some nice outdoor furniture if you don’t already have. Set up a sitting area to relax and have guests in. Of course, if you have a pool, make sure it’s cleaned out and ready to go. Clean off the chair around it as well and make sure all the outdoor lights are working properly. Summer is all about spending time out in the sun by the pool, after all!

Place Blue And White Jars Everywhere

There’s just something about blue and white ginger jars that make us feel like we’ve been transported to Greece. They just scream ‘summer getaway’ so they’re the perfect home decor accessory for the summer. If you aren’t sure where to place them, you can use them as cookie jars, as vases for fresh flowers, or even as coffee table decor.

Use Flowers

Speaking of fresh flowers, summer is all about bright and fresh colors, so flowers are just what you need. Whether you want to get a bouquet or a print featuring your favorite flowers, adding them to a room will brighten it up and make it feel super summery. Greenery has the same effect of livening up a room, so if you’ve been looking for a sign to go out and buy some plants, this is it. Faux flowers do the trick as well if you aren’t looking for that extra responsibility. Another way to incorporate this element into the house is by getting floral bed sheets or pillows for the couch. All these small touches will transform your decor.

Switch Out Your Curtains

Instead of having heavy dark curtains in the house, switch them out for sheer white ones for the summer. This change will make all your rooms look brighter thanks to the white color. Additionally, the sheer curtains will allow natural light into the house. They’ll make the rooms feel lighter and brighter!

Decorate With Citrus

This might seem a little oversimplified, but adding citrus to your decor will add a much-needed pop of color to the room. A bowl of citrus fruits makes for the perfect summertime centerpiece in the kitchen, dining room, or living room.

Summery Scents

One of the most important senses we have is the smell. Scents help create memories, so naturally, we all associate different smells with different things we’ve gone through. The same is true about summer. When you think of summer, what scents come to mind? Maybe it’s a delicious ice cream flavor you’d eat a lot as a kid? Was it the salty scent of the ocean? The smell of freshly cut watermelon? Whatever it may be, find a candle or essential oil with that same smell and use it at home! You’ll be welcomed by the scent whenever you walk into a room and brighten your mood.