5 Of The Most Luxurious Cities In Europe

Published on 04/27/2020

With so much rich, diverse culture, and world-famous natural landscapes are a few things that can describe the many luxurious cities in Europe.  So, it’s no surprise that the top destinations on nearly everyone’s bucket list are places that are on the more expensive side when it comes to fine dining or even paying rent. Let’s discover the best European destinations before you book that fancy vacay or choose to settle down, these superb locations are ready to welcome you with open arms.

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5 Of The Most Luxurious Cities In Europe

London, England

This cosmopolitan city is submerged in history and business – it makes for a perfect short visit or even perhaps if you’re contemplating living in this amazing location! There are tons of cool things to do whether its a shopping spree down Oxford Street, spending the night in any of the traditional luxury hotels London has to offer or being so touristy and visiting the Tower Bridge, Big Ben or Buckingham Palace! The range of restaurants, theatres, sports, art, and entertainment are limitless and l getaway if you want lots to do. London is somewhere you have to be.

Paris, France

This city is mostly known for its romantic atmosphere, the ‘city of love’ is what most people refer to it as. As the capital of France, the city has some of the most incredible architecture, fine dining, and luxury shopping. Additionally,  Paris is also filled with the most beautiful gardens, boutiques, museums, and art galleries to visit and tour, and how could we forget the famous Eiffel Tower.  Paris is easy to reach from any place in Europe, so what more could you ask for? Get yourself to Paris. You and your family will most certainly have one of the most lavish adventures

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Definitely one of the most underrated destinations in Europe is Croatia. Dubrovnik is one location that has some of the world’s most gorgeous walled cities that are also often visited by many famous celebs. If you’re a ‘ culture-junkie’ this is certainly an ideal place for you, not just to visit but to perhaps relocate as well. And of course, there are many luxurious things to do in this beautiful city and will definitely tick all the boxes in terms of things to do and luxurious, private housing.

Barcelona, Spain

With beautiful all-round weather, Barcelona is an incredible city to visit for a luxury vacation. Barcelona is the capital of innovation and architecture, on every street in the city, there are just tons of things to do and see. With so much gorgeous scenery, the possibilities are endless, but a highly recommended venture is to watch the sunset on any one of the stunning 7 beaches.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the greatest cities in Europe, primarily because of its splendid unique personality. The choices are activities are never-ending, and no matter the season Amsterdam is an overall amazing place. In recent years, it has also become the number one favorite for foreigners to live, whether its for business or their studies. If you’re not quite ready for the big move, you’ll most definitely have more of a relaxing, luxurious time away. There are tons of 5-star hotels and restaurants you can experience.