The Most Outrageously-Priced Home Accessories In The World

Published on 07/23/2019
The Most Outrageously Priced Home Accessories On Earth6

The Most Outrageously-Priced Home Accessories In The World

If you’ve already carved your fortune, hit the lottery or made it as a world-class rapper, then we’re sure money is no issue. While you’re busy living the dream, you’ll probably have few cool millions to drop. So if you’re looking to splash out, then why not invest in some extravagant accessories and outrageous pieces for your home. Seriously, these outrageously-priced items are beyond our wildest dreams and the next level of extra, and totally guaranteed to impress all your guests. So while we drool over them and dream of one day being able to afford to rent them, for a day, maybe, here’s what you can buy for your bucks:

Baldacchino Supreme Bed

For the ultimate night’s sleep in the most exclusive and luxurious bed on the planet, then look no further than the gold-encrusted Baldacchino Supreme. The Baldacchino was hand-crafted by the world-famous designer Stuart Hughes, and it can be yours for a cool $6.3 million. The reason for the costly price tag is because it’s made of 107 kilograms of pure solid 24 carat gold. The decorative bed is handmade with exclusive craftsmanship can be customized to cater for your every need. We wonder if they’ll throw in some free sheets with that!?

Stainless Steel Sofa

Why choose comfort when you can wow all your guests with an artistic stainless steel W- shaped sofa. The sofa was masterfully designed by the famous architect, industrial designer & artist Ron Arad and was so unique it was even exhibited in he Museum of Modern Art in New York. We’re thinking that it’s more of a statement sofa for your living room or hall way than a nap-buddy, but it is such a rare and eye-popping designer piece that the going-rate is a whopping $300,000.

Stuart Hughes Rose Edition TV

Take your movie experience to the next level with the world’s most expensive TV. The Stuart Hughes diamond-encrusted Rose Gold edition TV is one opulent-looking statement piece.  The TV frame is designed with round cut diamonds, 18 carat rose gold, sunstone, and amethyst, and this luxurious feat can be yours for just $2.25 million. We’re not sure how the stone frame can affect your movie experience, but does boast top of the range technology. Do you think it comes with free Netflix?

Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Toilet

For the ultimately ridiculous and fabulous way to display your wealth, you have to invest in a Swarovski-studded toilet. Why settle for ceramic when you can sit on a toilet made of bling-popping diamonds!? You just have to drop an outrageous $75,000 and you can flush your wealth away in style.