Turn Any House Into A Lavish Home With These Sure-Fire Tips

Published on 08/02/2019
Turn Your House Into A Lavish Home With These Sure Fire Tips2

Turn Your House Into A Lavish Home With These Sure Fire Tips

It’s the start of another year, and the perfect time to spruce up your home and treat it to a lavish makeover. We know what you’re thinking though…luxury costs, and not all of us can live in the White House or afford an interior-designer. And we hear you, that’s why we keep putting it off every single year. That was until we discovered these sure-fire and affordable tips to add an instant splash of luxury to our homes.

Simplify Your Style

Firstly, look around the room and if you see any items you don’t like or need, then de-clutter and store them in cool boxes or throw them away. If you have a simplified, clean space, it can instantly look more sleek and sophisticated. If you treat your home like a blank canvas, and then you’ll also be free to start adding new creative, inspiring ideas and begin to think out the box.

Shop For Quality-Looking Pieces

If you’re on a budget, like us, then you can always shop for pieces in a discount store. You just have to shop smart, and make sure they look more expensive, better quality or more timeless than they really are, and check that the material will not fade or get stained easily. You can always get inspiration from a luxury magazine, and then search for more affordable carpets, rugs or throws, accent pieces, vases, curtains, picture frames, and ornaments. Another way to add luxury is by mixing materials, themes and textures, like a wooden statement table with a metal bowl and soft throws for the sofa.

Splurge on Statement Pieces

Instantly upgrade any room by adding some stand-out statement pieces, which will provide a focal point to catch the attention of your guests. If you love art then pick from some stand-out artwork, decorative accessories or a unique cool sculpture. You can even blow up a picture and print it on three panels next to each other. If you fancy a change, then you can invest in some stand-out furniture, like a new sofa, rug, dining table, coffee table, a cool blue chair, curtains, cabinet, lampshades or chandelier. If you’re happy with the old features, then you can also accessorize your existing furniture to make it look more lavish, which we’ll get to next.

Accent Rooms With Sleek Accessories

Elevate any blank space with some sleek accessories. You can invest in a sleek-looking soap dispenser, tooth brush holder, table mats, plates, plants, flowers, vases, candles, scented dishes, bowls, throws or ornaments. You can also invest in some new fittings, like door handles. These finishing touches will all add some expensive-looking accents to your home and give it the full luxury treatment.

Revamp Your Bedding And Towels

Make your bedroom ten times cozier by getting rid of your tired-looking bedding, pillows and towels. We know after a few uses, bath towels and bedding can easily look discolored, dirty or stained. So make your sleep space more luxe by choosing sleek, crisp looking bed covers. Some design-gurus swear that white bedding adds luxury and makes the space appear wider. You can always add color and texture and layer your bedding with expensive- looking or colorful throws and pillows. You can also proudly display your new crisp white towels in the bathroom and impress all your guests.

Add Visual Space and Lighting

Give the illusion that the space is larger than it is with some simple tricks, like strategic mirrors. Large mirrors will reflect the light and can even make the room look up to twice the size. Lighting is also super important, so make sure you don’t block out the natural light of a window. You can also invest in some floor lamps, light fittings or cool table lamps throughout your space, which can add ambiance and some more warm touches.

Try these tips to help make your house into a luxurious home!