Clever Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

Published on 03/21/2021
Clever Ways To Increase Your Home's Value

Clever Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

When owning a house, one thing that gets swept under the rug a lot of the time is its resale value. What with the high maintenance of owning and caring for a house, it’s easy to forget about little details that could eventually make you some extra money. But don’t worry, there are simple and easy things for you to do in order to increase your home’s resale value in no time. This way, once you are ready to sell it, you’ll be getting your money’s worth!

Talk to an Expert

Invite a realtor or interior designer to your house to see it and give you their opinion. A lot of realtors will do this as a courtesy, but you’ll probably need to pay for a consultation with a designer. Take a look at several designers in your area before deciding on one to make sure you’re getting the best price. In just one hour, they can give you plenty of ideas for things that need improvements like paint colors or furniture replacement. These small things can go a long way when selling a house.

Get the House Inspected

We know you must have gotten the house inspected around the time you purchased it, but how long has it been since then? Not every home improvement needed will be cosmetic. Sometimes, things like deteriorating roofs, termite infestation, or outdated electrical systems can really lower the price of a house. Not to mention, it would be better for you to fix these things while still living there. Small problems always have the potential to become big problems down the line, so it’s best to get them fixed sooner rather than later.


One of the simplest and cheapest ways to increase a home’s value is by painting. Freshly painted rooms always look clean and updated – adding to the price people are willing to pay. When you’re choosing paint colors, keep in mind that neutrals are the best since they appeal to the largest number of people.

Do Some Landscaping

If there is still a while before you’re planning on selling the house, invest a little in its landscaping. Plant a tree or two, grow some flowers, and trim the bushes. Aside from making your home more desirable, a properly placed tree can even cut your cooling costs by as much as 40% in the summer thanks to the shade it provides over the house. Finally, mature landscaping is good for the environment too and will add curb appeal to the house.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

No, we aren’t talking about air conditioners. When we say the air quality needs to be improved, we mean throwing out older carpets in favor of new ones or curtains that have been hanging for too long. These things can be hiding contaminants and allergens without you even knowing. If you’ve had carpeted floors, switch them out for something more environmentally friendly like tile or laminate floors. If you want something that’s easier to keep clean, maybe get a hard-surface floor.

Update the Bathroom

One room that tends to make or break a sale is the bathroom. An old and run-down bathroom instantly makes the entire house feel unappealing. So, it’s always a smart move to have the bathroom remodeled. Even if you can’t afford a whole remodel, small things like replacing dated wallpaper and old lighting will make a world of difference.