Steve Harvey Uncovers The Dramatic Truth About A ‘Family Feud’ Winner

Published on 06/08/2020
Steve Harvey Reveals The Truth About Family Feud Winner

Steve Harvey Reveals The Truth About Family Feud Winner

The extremely entertaining comedian, Steve Harvey who plays host to the popular celebrity television show, Family Feud exposed one of the show’s biggest secrets. It was all around one of the game shows contestants who fiercely tried to scoop the winnings. it seemed a bit bizarre when the contender appeared to be very anxious, it was something in his behavior that was very unusual. Nobody knew what was going on but soon enough it was revealed to them….and what a surprise it was!

Under Pressure

What many viewers might not understand is that nerves can often spike on national television. However, during a broadcast of the Family Feud a few months ago, one particular contestant showed a severe amount of nerves and sweating, ultimately there were subtle signs of suspicion and uncertainty.

Under Pressure

Condition Worsened Day to Day

Results revealed from the first day through to day three of the game show revealed that in fact, the contestant winnings totaled zero. Upon careful examination, it was also apparent that his health got worse. It was then discovered that after Harvey had a discussion with the participant’s mother that the dreadful truth was unveiled.

How The Show Works

So the show goes like this, Family Feud hosts two families who are needed to work together to answer the most popular answers from survey questions and compete to take home the title of the winner. Each family’s objective to earn the most points in order to take home the money. But it was on a particular episode that one of the family members seemed to be really odd.

Harvey As A Host

When the show initially began, Louie Anderson was Family Feud’s long time host. Much has changed since Harvey took over back in 2010, where not only was the vibe different but he brought in his own style. He has also always maintained a good relationship with the members of each family. So during the episode with the contestant player in question, both the audience and Harvey were left speechless.

A Shocking Shift

Frequent viewers of the show will love and know Harvey’s comedic commentary, especially when players answer with the most unique responses. But, even the well-experienced television personality Harvey could never prepare for what was about to come.

A Shocking Shift

A Shocking Shift

Popularity Of Feud

In today’s day in age where things are instant because of social media, the sharing of this particular episode was no different and naturally went viral…fast! In 2016after the episode was publicly broadcasted, it was top of the stories for quite some time.

Popularity of Feud

Memorable Clip

Not long after this specific episode aired, it was also added to Harvey’s YouTube channel under: “Steve’s Unforgettable Family Feud Moment.” The obvious response from viewers is to laugh at the clip but actually the clip was far from funny. Viewers in the audience were flabbergasted.

Memorable Clip

Surprise Circumstance

Instead of joking around with the participant, Harvey spoke from the heart sharing some intense details including the participant’s noticeable shaking and perspiration. Harvey’s tone immediately shifted when he began explaining the details, which was bound to catch anyone by surprise.

Harvey Relates

Harvey shares, “This man was on Family Feud.” The constant displayed intense sweating”. “He was the captain [of his team] and he was sweating profusely, to the point where wardrobe and makeup had to change his shirt. And you know, I tried so hard to joke with him but he was sweating too much.”

Concerning Behavior

Steve Harvey and the show’s crew members saw that the participant’s perspiring was not stopping, which is what lead them to be quite concerned. Of course, Harvey doesn’t have medical experience, but still however much he tried to relax he felt extremely uneasy. Harvey nor the show’s production team at the time unknowingly were aware that intense perspiring was actually a sign of a major illness.

Worsening Condition

Often times the cause of excessive perspiration is unknown. Regardless, the contestant was drenched in sweat. As the dripping continued, so did Harvey’s concern. What exactly was going?

Challenging Filming

While many game shows like Family Feud can be challenging and very intimidating, the participant of interest was struggling more than most. “He was just complete a wreck.” In the YouTube clip, Harvey explains, “He had played for three days and didn’t win the money.”

Turn of Events

As the game show was coming to an end, the contestant and his family’s destiny was changing…however it had nothing to do with the win. Yes, the family did rake in $20,000 in cash, but the man’s emotions were not what anyone was expecting. Harvey describes, “He just dropped to his knees and wouldn’t stop crying.”

A Raw Host

Towards the end of the final day of recording, Harvey reached out to the contestant as well as his family. He treaded lightly when asking the question, but wanted to know about his dramatic expression. What the participant answered would actually ultimately cause Harvey to break down.

A Raw Host

A Raw Host

Surprised Audience

As Harvey began to relay the truth to the live audience, you could hear a single exhale filled with a strong sense of surprise. What Harvey did next left the audience completely shocked.

A Good Deed

It eventually came out that excessive sweating was due to a terminal illness. After hearing from the participant himself–Harvey dug into his own personal pocket. Harvey generously gifted the man an amaizng $25,000.

Of Modest Means

Believe it or not but Steve Harvey was not always the millionaire that he is today, he has worked very hard to get to where he is. As a comedian, author, and television host, he definitely ranks high up in Hollywood. His net worth is estimated to be valued at over $120 million.

Television Earnings

Thanks to being the host of Family Feud, he has been fortunate enough to have increased his wealth over the past several years. It is likely that Harvey’s act of kindness is no surprise for many.

Formerly on Steets

Growing up, Harvey also benefited from random acts of kindness. His career began in stand-up comedy but during this time he had many problems and dealt with being homeless as well. He frequently slept in his car and showered at public places. He additionally needed to seek assistance as he was a struggling performer.

A Kind Couple

Harvey along with his wife Marjorie worked together to create something that would make them stand out from all other Hollywood celeb couples. Harvey initially came from a poor background, so he made helping others a huge mission of his.

Paying It Forward

Harvey and wife Marjorie founded the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, with a goal of trying to help pay it forward to less fortunate individuals. According to the organization’s mission statement, the Foundation, “..strive[s] to be the change-agent in promoting excellence related to; education, health, and social well-being in urban and diverse communities; securing the needs of the whole child are met. ”

Committed To Faith

Harvey sees himself as a committed Christian and often turns to prayer during more difficult times. According to The Gospel Herald, Harvey once shared, ” Christian current affairs website The Gospel Herald in 2015. “I told God if he let me make it, when I got there I’d tell everybody how I did it.”

Committed To Faith

Committed To Faith

Purposeful Work

Harvey has shared his significant work and goals for his legacy with society. “I’ve just arrived at a place where it’s got to be more than jokes,” he expressed to The New York Times.

A Lasting Legacy

Harvey yearns for a positive legacy and explained, “I know it sounds stereotypical, but I’m starting to really think about my life with regards to ‘What are they going to say about me?’…The drive of wanting to do something meaningful is upon me now.”

Leading the Way

As soon as Harvey shared the story about the terminally ill participant on Family Feud, social media likes, comments, and shares soared. YouTube experienced more than three million likes along with countless comments for his act of kindness. Harvey’s intentions led the way and inspired one viewer to comment: “What an amazing gesture of kindness and love. Thank you, Steve Harvey, for setting an example for all of us. God bless this man and his family.”

Leading the Way

Leading the Way

Onlookers’ Generosity

Although Harvey’s benevolence and generosity gained tons of likes and internet recognition, not all Americans with life-threatening illnesses are as fortunate. Many citizens without health insurance end up paying millions out of pocket and are then unable to pay for any unexpected accidents. Without full health coverage, it can cause daily anxiety in the event an emergency strikes.

Turning To Strangers For Help

As contemporary trends show an increase in sites like GoFundMe, which gives people the opportunity to seek money and assistance for family members from strangers. NerdWallet reported that as of 2015 $930 million of the $2 billion that had passed through GoFundMe since it officially launched had been raising funds for medical purposes.

Troubling Stats

Fortunately, many donations from strangers are successful, not all campaigns are prosperous. According to NerdWallet, only one in ten campaigns succeeds in the financial objective. With continuous assurance, there is hope that charities much like Harvey’s will come together for random acts of kindness.

A Small Success

Even though there have been numerous attempts to search for the clip from Family Feud, that shows the unwell contestant’s win, it was nowhere to be found. It appears as though the sickly man’s legacy has vanished into the world wide web. However, not all is lost! Harvey’s act of kindness and support for the man and his family proceeded in their hearts even behind the screens.